Feedback reports to help you with what's working and what isn't.


Are your logline and synopsis coming across effectively? Brief feedback to help you polish them.


Test the waters: would your script engage a reader enough to want to keep reading past the first ten pages? Brief feedback to sharpen that script opening.


Concise feedback, covering the most relevant points for improvement. For scripts up to 15 pages.


Concise feedback, covering the most relevant points for taking the concept forward into a script. For treatments up to 10 pages.


Concise feedback, covering the most relevant points for improvement. Ideal for subsequent drafts after an initial comprehensive report (see below). For up to 110 pages (after that, £1 per page added).


Covers areas such as: format, craft, genre, theme, plot, characters, structure and dialogue. For up to 110 pages (after that, £1 per page added).

NOVEL FEEDBACK – from £100

An overall assessment of your manuscript, covering areas such as:  genre, plot, character, narrative arc, structure, style, dialogue and marketability. Prices depend upon word count and written level.


Proofreading and editing of scripts and prose.


I mark up your PDF script (using highlighting and commenting function) to suggest corrections for formatting, spelling and grammar. Price depends upon script length. £20 for short scripts (up to 15 pages).


I’ll  directly correct your script for you. You’ll be required to send me the script file. Please see FAQ for compatibility. Price depends upon script length. £30 for short scripts (up to 15 pages).


Need help to improve your script’s craft? Want to write good descriptions, dialogues, and create effective scenes? I write in-script notes to help (using PDF highlighting and commenting function). Price depends upon script length. £40 for short scripts (up to 15 pages). Direct style editing also available – please enquire.

PROSE PROOFREADING – from £4/1000 words

Basic proofreading covering spelling and grammar.  Price depends upon level of work required.

PROSE COPY-EDITING – from £7/1000 words

More involved editing covering spelling, grammar and elements of style. Price depends upon level of work required.


Turnaround times can be from 1-6 weeks depending on the type and amount of work. Usually, it’s ‘within 1-3 weeks’ for script reports and basic proofreading/editing, and 4-6 weeks for novel reports and more complex editing. When you contact me to book in, I’ll give a more specific estimate.

Payment and documents must be sent before work can begin. Payment is by bank transfer (preferred if you are in the UK) or via PayPal, for which a transaction fee of 7% is added. Once we’ve agreed to book you in, I’ll either send you an invoice (PDF) with the payment details for bank transfer, or a PayPal payment request for the total amount (including the fee).

PDF is perfect for reading and proofreading/editing via highlighting and commenting functions. Word processor files are fine for prose if you would prefer the highlight and comment functions in those. For direct editing, I will need the original script file (it is recommended that you send a copy and keep the original).

I can import: Fade In (.fadein), Final Draft (.fdx), Celtx (.celtx), PDF script

I can export: Fade In (.fadein ), Final Draft (.fdx), PDF script

For an affordable option, I would suggest either Fade In on your computer (one low price covers all future upgrades), or Final Draft on your iPad (app is cheap and nicely functional). 

Michelle was recommended to me by one of the UK's leading screenwriting lecturers and consultants. I needed a professional read on an early draft of a new piece. Michelle's report was meticulous and detailed, including a complete (and highly useful!) synopsis. She systematically revealed weaknesses and inconsistencies in the writing, giving me a list of clear, actionable steps to take in the next revision. This was precisely the type of report I needed at this stage. I thoroughly recommend Michelle to anyone needing a perceptive analysis of intricate screenwriting.