Can’t believe another month has gone already! This month sees the launch of the #wpad challenge – a photo/pic a day challenge for writers.

I’ll be attempting to take part in both #wordsadayfeb and #wpad. The great thing about a photo challenge is that it’s quick and easy, especially with apps like Instagram and Snapseed. What are your favourite photo-sharing apps?

#wordsaday can take a little more time, but I always find that 6-sentence stories or loglines can be equally as satisfying as longer prose.

My entries are shared via twitter but can also be viewed on my creative blog on tumblr. Don’t forget to share yours via twitter using the hash tags!

Do let me know if you’re taking part, as I love to showcase participants on the blog (check out the interviews with Kate and Matt!)

See the #wpad prompts here and the #wordsadayfeb prompts here.

Have a go – it’s no big deal if you don’t end up finishing. It’s the taking part that counts, and the whole aim is to encouragement regular creativity. Above all, it’s fun! :)


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