#wordsaday is a monthly creative writing challenge where I provide a list of prompts from which you can take inspiration.

The concept is simple: Write something every day, be it a 6 word story, a six sentence story, a haiku, a poem, flash fiction, a short story or even a logline or a short script.

The aim is simple: Get people thinking creatively daily and being inspired by the words they produce as a result.

You needn’t stick to one genre – why not try a mixture? – and if you miss a few days (these things happen) catching up is allowed, but the challenge must be completed within the given month (it wouldn’t be a contained challenge, otherwise!)

Here’s the #wordsadaydec list!

Find out more about how to take part (including links to articles on the different types of writing you could try) on the #wordsaday page.

Share your work!

Do comment on the blog or the #wordsaday page if you’d like to take part, along with your blog address (or wherever you’re recording your entries), so that work can be shared. I’d love to highlight participants’ blogs/websites and publish inspiring entries here on this blog, too. Don’t forget the hashtag #wordsadaynov to share your work/links to work on twitter!


The last three months (#wordsadaysept, #wordsadayoct and #wordsadaynov) I’ve offered a prize draw open to all who took part in the challenge for the whole month. If you completed November’s challenge, do let me know so that I can verify and draw a winner. I’m running the same offer this month, and it’s a great incentive to keep going for the whole month.

How can the challenge evolve and get better?

I’d love for this challenge to be more than just a monthly prompt challenge. I took part in the first few (see my tumblr for #wordsaday and #photoaday entries). Myself and the other participants felt a real sense of community and really enjoyed reading and commenting on each other’s works and I found it worked best when we shared our work using the twitter hashtag. I’d love for positive encouragement to really help with people’s everyday creativity, and it’d be wonderful for participants to help each other improve their work, too.

Some ideas I have for the future of the challenge:

  • Offer prize draws of professional feedback to all who participate for the month.
  • A “community spirit” amongst participants with feedback and encouragement.
  • “Showcases” of participating writers; little interviews to help promote their websites and their other work.
  • Publishing inspiring entries here on the Writesofluid blog.
  • The potential for other publishing projects; what about #wordsaday eBooks? Or one for the whole year?

Your feedback and ideas are welcome!

Info on the prize draw:

Take part every day for the month of December (#wordsadaydec) and you’ll be entered into a draw to WIN FEEDBACK on a short story or a script! To take part you must record your entries online so I can see evidence of participation. Choice of prize may be one of the following:

  • Proofreading of a short story (max 1500 words) or a short script (max 20 pages)

  • Feedback on a short story (max 1500 words) or a short script (max 20 pages)
  • Feedback will be a professional report on your story or script, containing bullet-pointed “strengths” and “weaknesses” and further analysis with the aim of giving guidance for improvement.



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