I love relaxing with a good book, just as much as I love watching films. Naturally, I read a fair bit of non-fiction to expand my industry knowledge; the reviews of which I post here on Writesofluid. But what do I read in my spare time, for kicks? Writesofluid now has a sister blog, Write Good Reads, over on tumblr.

Tumblr is a fab place to share ideas and opinions, because like twitter it has a hashtag feature that allows you to search topics of interest really quickly. For example, search #bookreview and you’ll find a whole bunch of interesting books recommendations. I’ll be contributing to this, by giving my personal opinions on the books I read for fun.

Already we have a review of Samantha Hayes’s second offering, “You Belong To Me”, and new in is my opinion on SJ Watson’s hotly anticipated next novel, “Second Life”. One I loved, the other not so much. Head on over there right now to find out which is which!

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