It’s what every fiction/article writer and editor dreams of… No matter how wonderful the Internet is with its endless opportunities to see your writing up there for everyone to see, there’s nothing quite like seeing your writing and/or your name in an actual book or magazine.

This year I’ve been fortunate enough to write and edit for many new publications including the Raindance festival magazine, Universal Film Magazine, Literary UK and the Brit Writers blog, for whom I also contributed an article for December’s Brit Writers Awards ceremony magazine. I’ll put up a pic when I receive my copy.

Charity Anthology

This year also saw the completion of the wonderful New Sun Rising: Stories For Japan project. Having been disappointed that the project fizzled out a bit, myself and several original volunteers took the project under our wings and helped it finally get into print. Here’s a picture of my beautiful copy, which is my first “in print” experience with my name to two haikus and credited as an editor for the project. It’s a really great read with short stories, flash fiction, poetry, artwork and photography and all the profits go to Red Cross in Japan to aid the ongoing tsunami recovery, so be sure to grab your copy in the New Year!

What The Dickens?

Yesterday, this stunning magazine plopped through my letter box. I started writing a regular column for What The Dickens? magazine this year in their Old Curiosity Shop section, on all things screenwriting. Issue 7 is the first one in actual print, after a very successful fundraising campaign. The magazine is only a year old, and already it’s very popular and has attracted the likes of Jeremy Mortimer and Hugh Bonneville as interviewees. I am lucky enough to be featured next to the former in the magazine!

My face in a magazine, ooer!

I’m really proud to be writing, editing and contributing towards such a diverse array of literary and creative publications. Universal Film Magazine tackles film festival etiquette as well as promoting new films; both indie and mainstream. It really does cover a niche that hasn’t been looked at before by a film magazine. Brit Writers is bursting with professional writing advice as well as articles from authors around the world. Literary UK hones in on the different areas in the UK and their connections to literature, and What The Dickens? is a creative one-stop shop promoting writing, arts, crafts, photography and everything in-between.

I’ve met so many lovely people through working on these publications, and hope to meet many more in the coming year and to contribute articles and creative writing to more websites and publications. If you’d like to have me involved in your project, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always on the lookout for writing-related creatives to interview for this blog as well.

Have you seen your writing in print this past year? It’d be great to see pictures/links to your work!


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