london screenwriters festival

This weekend just gone was another fantastic weekend full of screenwriting goodness delivered in bite-sized sessions – London Screenwriters’ Festival of course! As always, I was there to try and live tweet as much as I could for all of you who couldn’t make it. Below, you’ll find a Storify […]


Last week we chatted about ways to work towards becoming a freelance script reader. Great! But how do you become a freelance script reader and how do you make it a success? NETWORK – always. Make friends and contacts at events and online. Be there for them and they’ll be […]

10 top tips to be a successful freelance script reader (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

My script reading colleagues and I get asked “how do I become a script reader?” a lot. There’s no particular rules as to how to go about it, and answers will vary from reader to reader depending upon their personal experiences. However, there are still universal tips that can help […]

How do I become a script reader? 10 tips for breaking into scriptreading (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

Day two of the festival, and many more wonderful sessions to choose from! I kicked off Saturday with Julie Gray‘s session on cinematic writing. I was really looking forward to this, because Julie’s sessions last year – You ARE the hero of the journey and Character and structure: twins separated […]

London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013: Day 2!

So, the biggest screenwriting event of the year just happened! For many of us screenwriters and development/production professionals, it’s an event we highlight in our calendars, anticipate and then appreciate post-event for the energy and inspiration it gives us to keep working towards achieving our dreams and goals. This year […]

London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013: Day 1!