guerilla filmmaking

I love learning about all aspects of writing and production. One area I hadn’t ever properly considered before, though, is how transcriptions are done. Being a fan of foreign languages, I often make use of subtitles on TV shows and movies. But it’s not just about subtitles – transcriptions cover […]

The Importance of Transcription in Post Production – guest post by Valerie Randall

When I made my first film, THE CYCLIST, I made mistakes every step of the way, thus providing myself with valuable learning opportunities. The one aspect I would change that would have improved the film from start to finish, from casting to distribution, is the script. I knew the script […]

6 screenwriting lessons I wish I understood before making my first film THE CYCLIST – guest post by filmmaker John ...

In the spring of 2011, myself and Ulrich Wehner (Co-Producer) had just wrapped on a shoot, another in a long line of productions. After producing a few of our own short films and working with other filmmakers in-between we discussed taking the leap; making that first feature film. The opportunity […]

Six ways writers and filmmakers can make scripts ideal for guerilla filmmaking – guest post by Michael O’Connor