The following are testimonials from clients regarding my Writesofluid script reading and editing services. See my other testimonials page for comments from colleagues and clients for my other writing, script reading and editorial work.

“Thanks for this, Michelle! Good stuff. Your comments give a really useful insight into how it’s coming across on the page and how you’ve interpreted it.”

Garteh Peevers

“You only get one chance to make a first impression, and thanks to Michelle’s feedback on the one-pager for my latest feature script I feel a lot more confident that mine will be a good one. Quick turnaround on feedback with many insightful and useful comments about how to adjust it for different audiences/functions. At a really affordable price, you’d be foolish not to run a one-pager past Michelle before sending it out into the big wide world!”

Dave Stevenson, screenwriter

“Thank you very much for the reports. The suggestions are all very workable and insightful!”

Pauline Lam, screenwriter

“I’ve asked Michelle to give feedback on three different scripts now and every time her break down of story and suggestions for bringing out a deeper sense of theme and emotion really help guide the script to a stronger place. Michelle’s notes helped confirm the things we knew needed fixing too, something every writer needs when the draft numbers start to hit double figures!”

Liam O’Hara

“I’m so grateful for all of your help and the enjoyable way you operate”

Paul S, filmmaker, priest, comedian & motorcyclist (awesome all round, that one!)

“Thank you so much for the development report – you were very efficient. It was £40 well spent and you raised some extremely valid points, which we are going to take into consideration. Thank you so much for your time and effort, we will definitely use your services again and recommend you to our friends.”

Charlie, Wandering Bear Productions

“Been through your notes. I find it amazing the care you took writing them. They are quite extensive, wow! Once again thank you.”

Neil Forsyth, screenwriter

“Thanks so much for your report. I’m so glad I decided to send it out for a professional read so early on in the writing cycle. There’s a huge amount of good stuff in there, enough to drive the next revision for sure. Your commentary is highly actionable and translates nicely into clear to-dos.”

Kendall Castor-Perry, screenwriter [comprehensive report]

“As a first-time user, I was thrilled with Writesofluid’s process. The report was detailed, helpful and inspirational, and everything that was promised was delivered in a super-friendly way. I’d recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level.”

Liam Kavanagh, screenwriter

“Your edit has been great – massively helpful – a terrific polish!”

Carolyn Goodyear, novelist, screenwriter & filmmaker

“Hi Michelle

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your notes. I’ve always found structuring quite tricky and your comments about how I might improve the novel are certainly inspiring. I’ve come away feeling very positive about rewriting. Would you be up for reading it again once it’s done? I’ve also got a short story or two that I’m working on at the moment which I’d like to have you cast your eye over.”

Phil Gaskell, novelist

Delighted w/ @SoFluid’s copy edit of JASMINE’S STORY – she knows her stuff, that one. She totally got the story too. Go to her! #scriptchat

Lucy V. Hay, script editor and novelist of Bang2Write fame!

Another very helpful script report from @Sofluid for The Victors’ script. Next week is rewrite week. #scriptchat

Got great script notes this weekend from @Sofluid Now one sequence is bothering me. May as well get on the x trainer, torture it out of me.

I think these notes are great. If you’ll pardon the pun, I can’t see the wood from the trees in this story. Your points regarding the clarity of plot points and characterisation notes are likely spot on as, without reading your notes, I felt they weren’t as solid as they should be. Having read the report focuses and confirms suspicions. I don’t want to be too on the nose with allowing the audience to know why, for instance, XXX XXXXXX does what he does but I take your note on the clarity of his reasoning and others on board. Yay! I feel like I can step forward with this. Once again, thanks ever so much for this great service.

Mike Ogden, Screenwriter Charlie film

Huge thanks to @Sofluid whose notes are guiding me through this rewrite.

Robin Bell, screenwriter and web show creator (Twisted Showcase)

“Thanks for this. I’ve had a look and this is bang on what I’m looking for. It’s pitched at the right level. It’s great.” (Re: sample copy-edit of novel pages.)

“Wow! Thanks for this! I’ve had a quick scan through and it looks incredibly thorough and exactly what I wanted…” (Re: completed copy-edit.)

Dave Turner, novelist and screenwriter

“I have to say the quotes you offer for all kinds of reading are fantastic value.” (Re: quoting for services.)

“I can fully recommend Michelle. She provides in-depth, helpful and extremely good value for money analysis and comments. She has certainly improved both my writing skills, by highlighting areas for improvement, but also the structure and story of what I had submitted. I have used Michelle more than once, and will use her services again.” (Re: feature screenplay report and novel development report.)

Russell Nelson, novelist and screenwriter

“The notes are really great thanks. Already sparked off inspiration for changes. A few things you brought up I’ve been debating myself, so it’s good to get some confirmation.”

Gareth Peevers, screenwriter

“Thanks. Your work is very good.”

Lloyd Davis, screenwriter

“Over the last two years I’ve paid for quite a lot of feedback, and for the low-price alone, Michelle’s services would be easy to recommend. The fact that she’s also very astute when it comes to really breaking down a script is a huge bonus. Michelle not only provided well-articulated and clearly laid out notes, she also tailored the feedback to my needs (in my case offering notes in the context of entering competitions). Overall, an excellent speedy service that I KNOW will make my script better.”

– Adam Calder-Roberts, screenwriter

“Hi Michelle, simply to say THANK YOU for the report. Your notes are really helpful and made me laugh out loud in a very good way as you raised exactly some key points raised by the script editor! The notes are very thorough and very helpful and I will go through them in fine detail to help me polish the MS. You have spotted typos that no one else has ever. Thanks so much for organising your diary to prioritise this. I really appreciate it.”

– Tricia Walker, novelist & screenwriter

“I am really encouraged by your report and [additional encouraging] comments. I had a good long read of your comprehensive feedback and am very pleased with how very constructive it all is.  I LOL’d at the “rogue full stop” on p.49!  Now that’s service. I’m going to take on board your suggestions for the plot development and the character arc for XXXXX, etc.  Your ideas will certainly add a great deal of dramatic impetus. I put in a plug on Twitter for professional readers as a result of the quality of your work. I would very much like to send you the completed rewrite before I let it loose.”

Dennis Hurleston, screenwriter

“Dear Michelle,

I have taken time now to go through your report more thoroughly. The first thing to say is that while friends and family can read drafts and give comments, your professional service offers a ‘dummy run’ on how my play will be received within the industry and that is invaluable. I feel I am giving myself the best opportunity to get into the best shape before trying to sell my play to a producer.

The pitch and synopsis section make more clear the information to include and the fact that I am selling myself as well as my play. I welcome your suggestions about how to use my material more effectively.

Plot and structure: It is hard to step back from my play and see what I have written, how it comes across and whether it works as a play. You have given me an assessment that makes me feel more confident about sending it out but also where to look again before I do that.

The [additional] radio links and the article have given me a much more realistic idea of the journey I am about to embark on.”

Veronica Mole, radio writer

“As a writer I always like to work with a good development editor; someone who can not only do a good edit but actually challenges your thinking and highlights things from a reader’s perspective. Moreover, it’s vitally important I work with a professional whose judgement I trust. This is why I choose to engage Michelle.

Michelle’s feedback always bowls me over with its content and is incredible value for money. She’s skilled at teasing out the things you know could be improved in your work but always offers good reasoning, perhaps with a steer this way or that. What I also love is her passion for writing – she understands the frustrations and difficulty of good writing.

Whether a writer of scripts or novels, I would strongly recommend you look at Michelle’s editing services – you will not be disappointed.”

Chris Brookes, scriptwriter & novelist

“Michelle assisted me with our screenplay ‘Charlie’ as a proofreader. Her work was professional and exemplary. Michelle was also very kind with her comments about the story which I hadn’t asked for. I would recommend getting your work read by Michelle as her services are complete and well rounded.”

Mike Ogden, screenwriter/director

“THANK YOU! You’ve done an absolutely brilliant job at examining this script for me (and additional thanks too for your thoughts on the supporting document!). Your notes are wonderfully insightful and immediately helped me consider the project with a fresh perspective. I can see that you’ve devoted a lot of time and thought into this and I’m very grateful and appreciative of your hard work.”

Jerry Hurley, screenwriter

“I wanted to thank you for the help and the time you gave me. I think you did a very good job as a script consultant! You planted the seed in my mind, it grew slowly and then it bloomed. So THANK YOU! Ever considered working as an agent? You’d be great at motivating your clients!”

Francesca Gajo, screenwriter

“Once again, very useful feedback. The points for improvement are exactly the ones I was expecting (deep down) and it’s great that you’ve helped clarify them for me.  Sometimes you can rework a script so many times and you can’t see the wood for the trees – so your feedback has really helped me to focus on specifics. I’ll let your notes sink in a bit and then it’s back to writing. Thank you for helping me get to the next draft. Thanks once again, much appreciated and excellent value for money!”

Steve Maggs, screenwriter

“Thank you for your brilliant and in depth report. I am so glad I sent the script to you to look at because a lot of our feedback before was good and very general. Your report is the first to really break down the script and get to the core of its problems. It’s funny how you can miss things right in front of you that become glaringly obvious once pointed out. I am definitely a satisfied customer and will be coming back to you in the future.”

James Ankobia, screenwriter

“Michelle’s service helped me incredibly well. I had problems with my script I submitted to a screenwriting contest. Before resubmission I was thinking what can I do, until I found the Writesofluid editing services. I was so happy about the edited script, that I got it back very fast, it is so much better now. The notes have been very important for me, too, in order to get back on track, and finish what needs to be finished. The critique is honest and very helpful. Thanks for everything, I will definitely use your services again. I will have a much better feeling when I resubmit my script. Thanks again for everything!”

Dirk Winkler, screenwriter

“Thank you very much for the informative and useful feedback. It has informed me about what I need to work on to hone my screenwriting skills. You’ve really been a fantastic help, and your offer of further assistance is appreciated immensely.”

Alexander Kay, screenwriter

“I was very impressed with writesofluid editing services. Their response was timely and the feedback that I received from the them was detailed and extremely helpful to me. I recommend their service.”

Cindy H, screenwriter

“Thank you very much for the report. Lots of interesting insight and fair criticism and it should help me significantly to get it into the next draft.”

Stuart Curran, playwright

“Cheers for the speedy turnaround. Love the the feedback (invaluable).”

Renaldo Falconer, screenwriter

“Thanks so much for the great feedback. I think you’re a top quality script reader/editor, and I’ll definitely recommend you to the members of my scriptwriting group!”

Ericka Berg, screenwriter

“Brilliant, [received] much earlier than I expected! Thanks for the report, very insightful. The script does have a lot of issues that need worked on, so it will be very helpful for a new draft – a lot of food for thought. Cheers!”

Ché McClean, screenwriter

“Thank you for that [report], I found your notes very useful indeed and it has given me some great ideas as to where to go next. I’ll be back!”

Howard Foxe, screenwriter

“Thank you for this very thorough write up! Your review was well worth the money and I would definitely use your services again. I will incorporate your suggestions and keep you informed.”

Ericka Berg, screenwriter

“Very useful reports – quite a lot that resonates with what I was thinking, so far. Your service is great, I didn’t expect such a detailed report actually so really impressed. Excellent value for money! Thanks again, excellent service.”

Steve Maggs, screenwriter

“I wanted to say thank you so much for the report. I’ve just read through it and you’ve certainly given me some very useful ideas for the next draft. Your comments about audience and market were also very helpful and will help steer the revision.”

Jerry Hurley, screenwriter

“Thank you very much for your report, which I’ve eagerly read through. Not only is it comprehensive but also incredibly objective. Your analysis is concise and any critique is well explained. Your suggestions are very helpful in order to understand what and where development is needed. All in all, I have to say it, great value for money! Incidentally, your comments are consistent with the BBC and other feedback, so I now have a good idea where I need to position the redrafting!”

Chris Brookes, screenwriter

“Michelle is one of the few readers I trust to give me straight forward, honest and accurate feedback on screenplays. Her service is always affordable and her notes are always delivered quickly. She is extremely insightful when identifying potential problems in screenplays, an invaluable skill to have.”

Dom Carver, screenwriter (via LinkedIn)

“Michelle’s script reading service really helped me whip my contest script into shape. I had no idea how many little formatting errors I was making until she looked over my script. She also caught a dozen typos that four other people looked right past when they proof read it. I’ve no doubt at all that this script is as good as it can possibly be now. I feel much more confident entering it than I did before she worked on it. Thanks Michelle!”

Shauna Becker, screenwriter

“Michelle provided me with excellent and thorough notes for my project. Her advice was both insightful and constructive, and her notes and suggestions for further development were terrific.”

Hina Malik, screenwriter

“Thanks for this – really appreciate you feeding back so promptly. Your feedback is very helpful too. I look forward to digesting it and then cracking on with some improvements.”

Jess Dolan, screenwriter

“Thanks for the fantastic notes Michelle! We’re pretty much on the same page with everything you picked up on which gives me confidence I’m going in the right direction with it. Will no doubt be using your services again!”

Claire Yeowart, screenwriter

– “6 pages into a new draft of Sleight of Hand. @Sofluid’s notes have made an instant impact.”
– “As well as being a crazy talented script reader @Sofluid is also really nice to have email chats with!”
– “Appointing @Sofluid my script guardian angel. Invaluable feedback and great advice to boot.”

Josh Douglas-Walton, screenwriter (via twitter)

“I was very pleased with the feedback Michelle gave me on my short script.”

Sylvia Petter, writer

“Thank you so much for your work on this, I really appreciate the depth of detail you went into, particularly regarding the characters. This is really valuable feedback. As a result of your thoughts, myself and the producers of the film are having a whole day’s story conference! Huge thanks again for your efforts, hopefully we can work together in the future.”

Liam O’Hara, screenwriter

“I employed Michelle as a Script Editor for a short film script “Hangman”. She did a great job and improved the script immensely. I would happily employ Michelle again.”

James Atkins, screenwriter/producer/director

“Many thanks for your excellent review. This is what I was looking and you have given me plenty to work on which is great. Thanks again for a terrific service and the quicker than expected turnaround time.”

David Daly, screenwriter

Email: “Thanks for this invaluable service.” Twitter: “Right. Proofread finished. Yay. Well worth having that done externally with @Sofluid Recommended and thanks. #charlie_film #scriptchat”

Mike Ogden, screenwriter/director

“Thanks very much for the feedback. I found it timely and extremely useful. I was a little bit lost after completing the work but I feel I have now got some focus on how to improve it. Thanks very much for your assistance. I look forward to providing further material.”

Stuart Wilson, screenwriter

“Thanks very much for that [Overview report), it was extremely useful and just what I wanted. Well worth the money. Lots for me to work on. Now, just to motivate myself into doing the hard work of rewriting!”

Daniel Stewart, screenwriter

“Michelle asked thought-provoking questions of my screenplay, able to put her finger on the main problem plaguing my plot. She then expanded on the exact elements that were causing me trouble, providing more insight into my characters and the mechanics of my plot in one read than I had stumbled through in months.Her turnaround time was quicker than I thought possible, delivering early as she knew I was on a deadline, and with the quality of her coverage, it was definitely value for money. Her synopsis was really helpful for building my treatment and her conclusion told me exactly what my next draft needed. Thank you, Michelle – I will definitely be back!”

Rosie Claverton, screenwriter

“I cannot recommend Michelle’s services highly enough. She took my script and gave it a thorough and detailed critique which helped me to edit the work to its greater strength and power. Nothing superficial about Michelle’s feedback!”

Elinor Perry-Smith, screenwriter and playwright

“I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle’s services. Her insighful feedback on my short play meant that the next draft was strengthened considerably. Her attention to detail and supportive attitude gave me confidence to take on board what she said. I will definitely be using her scriptreading services again.”

Elinor Perry-Smith, screenwriter and playwright

“As a published author I understand exactly how important it is to seek different views and constructive criticisms on my writing and its development, but as an emerging screen and theatre writer even more so because of its complexity and structure. Michelle came to me with strong recommendation from a contact at the London Screenwriting Festival and since this time, is proving to be an absolute crucial asset to my learning and development alongside other critics and supports. What I like about Michelle is her objectiveness and what appears a natural ability to tune instinctively to characterisation, story and its structure. For me personally, I believe we will beworking together for a long time to come.”

Jean Maye: author, screen & stage play writer

“When I decided to begin writing for television earlier this year I had no idea of format; how to describe or develop characters in the way expected. Once I had finished what I considered to be a masterpiece of literature I came across Michelle’s website and E-mailed my script to her. I was amazed by the quickness and amazingly professional response I received. It broke down my script and showed me where I could improve and what was done well in a way that made me want to succeed further. As I’m very new to script writing I always have a bundle of questions on how to write voice overs etc etc and Michelle is always happy to help with links to websites, recommendations of people or products always virtually straight away. I cannot recommend Michelle Goode enough; I have found her professional, helpful and genuinely interested in what I am doing which I’m finding is extremely rare for script writers to come across. Michelle has been a key part of the scripts I have written so far and I fully recommend you use her service to use her expertise.”

Stephen Fruish, screenwriter

“A huge THANK YOU for your comprenhensive report on my first draft of Life and Death. It will, most certaintly, be really useful for the redraft that is going to happen. I can’t believe the turnaround; I am amazed at how quickly I have gotten this. Will most definantely keep in touch for your services in the future!”

Scott Baker, screenwriter

“Michelle produced a detailed and perceptive report on my script, highlighting structural and character issues which need work on the next draft. The report also emphasized positive aspects of the script which was very encouraging. She provides a friendly and helpful service to any writer wanting a professional report on their work.”

Helen Bang, screenwriter

“Michelle is a wonderful script reader who has offered great insights into my scripts. Highly recommended.”

James Hickey, screenwriter

“Sometimes you get so engrossed in your work you have no idea if it is any good, and friends may only say what you want to hear. Sending my work to Michelle was a leap of faith for me, but she was extremely friendly and encouraging and her observations were informed, interesting, and enabled me to consider things from a different perspective. Highly recommended.”

Andy Jaye, writer/director

“If you are looking for a professional-level appraisal of your script (and you should), be it TV or film, Michelle is very much a safe pair of hands and will give you a detailed evaluation of the script’s concepts, structure and potential that will help you develop it to the point where you can sell it. I certainly recommend her.”

– Peter Spencer, screenwriter

Michelle recently provided informal development notes for a first draft script I wrote. As with many things in life, when you focus too hard it becomes difficult to see the wood for the trees, and a fresh pair of eyes was just the ticket! Her positive, thoughtful notes demonstrated a real insight into the workings of my script, and offered a great platform to carry out a re-write that made the script feel more weighty and solid. Michelle has a real talent for asking questions that help open your mind to new possibilities, and causes you to re-think your approach in other areas, all delivered in a summarised format that allows you to use the notes as a real working document. I’d strongly recommend you use her development notes if you want to move your work forward to another level!

– Kevin Jordan, screenwriter

“Michelle provided informal, bullet-point style feedback on a short play of mine, a ten minute monologue and the first script I had written for the stage. Her insightful help provided a challenging and fresh perspective enabling me to re-examine and improve the piece.”

– Matt Gibbs, writer (mattgibbs.net)

“I asked Michelle to read the pilot episode of a TV drama serial I am writing. What I got back was an extremely professional, thoughtful and genuine report making many points – all extremely helpful. I have since been dialoguing with Michelle about it and that has led me to so many insights about my work and this particular project. I have a much better sense of what I’m trying to do and what works and what does not. Michelle discusses with such sensitivity and no fear on challenging the writer but with love to help them be the best they can be. She shows a high degree of intellectual and particularly emotional intelligence, the latter being the most important for this kind of work I feel, both in dealing with writers and also in writing herself. She has an excellent sense on character, dialogue, structure and what a screenplay needs to engage an audience. She really understands drama. A phenomenal young lady!”

– Penny Noble, screenwriter

“I had a script. It had been through a few drafts and I’d lost my focus on it. I knew it needed tweaks to make it better. Fortunately for me, Michelle offered her services for a script report on the damn thing. When it came back I didn’t look at the script as a damn thing anymore, it wasn’t that annoying thing in the corner that I didn’t know what to do with, now it was something I understood. I could see what worked with the script, and I could see what didn’t. It gave me focus and was written in such a clear, concise way that it made it simple to identify the problems and set to work on them. I reccommend her service to anyone who needs any help with script writing, or anyone who just wants someone to have a final look over their masterpiece.”

– Robin Bell, screenwriter, whose script mentioned above later qualified in the 2010 Red Planet Prize competition!

“Hi Michelle just got your report on my screenplay. Thanks for your comments, you have picked out significant things and you are absolutely spot on. It’s a first draft and some of the stuff you mentioned I have already changed but you have reinforced a lot of my own issues and thoughts and brought up some new ones which is great! Good luck and thanks again.”

– Grant Corr, screenwriter

“Michelle wrote development notes for my two short screenplays “Flaming Ghost” and “Search For Soul-Mate” that I found very much useful. There is no doubt that she is so committed to her work and she’s so much professional too, I even think I should give her credits of my feature length screenplays as those are based on the short screenplays which are noted by Michelle and after her development notes I’m feeling so much light that how to write them.”

– Nafees Ahmed, screenwriter

“Michelle’s development notes on my feature screenplay treatment were almost identical to the feedback I subsequently received from a professional university Creative Writing tutor and published novelist…What you get is a great insight into your work. It’s impossible to critique your own writing (as we all know); Michelle’s notes do it for you. I sent her a 12-page treatment and what I got back was 5 pages of detailed analysis of my work. She cares almost as much about the story as I do! Reading through the notes prompts two reactions: the first being one of pain – Michelle asks the questions you’d rather avoid. You know the story has issues, but you’d rather they go away of their own accord. Michelle doesn’t let them, which prompts the second reaction – a nod of agreement. You realise where the problems lie and that they need addressing immediately! Michelle doesn’t just point out where you’re going wrong, she gets involved. She dives into the story and suggests various possible solutions to your problems. She addresses all aspects of the work – story, characters, dialogue, theme, action, format et al. Strongly recommended!”

– Neil Baker, screenwriter and English degree student

“Since I began working with Michelle every aspect of my story & characters have improved immensely. The detail, the care, the… love that Michelle puts into her work is simply extraordinary.”

– Gabriel O. Cooper, screenwriter