Interview with #wpad participant: writer & blogger Star!

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What do you write? Do you specialise in a certain medium/genre?

I write short stories and novels, mostly Urban Fantasy. I’ve been pondering High Fantasy for a time, but I just can’t find the voice for it. I also blog and write professionally: websites, proposals, video scripts etc… I’ve just finished my first novel and I’m working on the outline for a second.

I also have bunch of short stories out with various magazines and hope to be published soon.

How long have you been writing? Where did it all begin?

Gosh, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My Dad’s a writer so I’ve been around it my whole life. I remember writing stories when I was young and I tried my hand at a play in grade seven. Then I went on to continue writing fiction in high school (a fictional story about the meaning of life garnered me an A+ in philosophy) and from there I was writing about my travels as I hitchhiked around Europe and bussed through Egypt, America and Peru. Finally we come to my current designation as a writer.

I guess I officially decided a year ago to be a writer and so I launched into it, did loads of research, started churning out stories, working on novels, attending events and gathering clients (for the corporate side). It’s been a really cool process and I look forward to writing for the rest of my life.

What made you decide to take part in the #wpad challenge?

I saw a tweet about it and it piqued my interest because I love writing prompts.

I love getting inspiration from others and ideas from outside sources.

I find I really work well off seeds of suggestions that have a chance to work themselves into something more.

Have you found it easy, so far, to write something every day?

I’ve found it challenging and, I must confess, I’ve missed a day here or there. The prompts definitely help and it usually doesn’t take me longer than half an hour to create a post, but it’s still tough to get it together every single day. I definitely like the challenge of it though and I’m glad I could hang in there.

In what ways has the process of working from a prompt challenged you?

I like the challenge of taking a concept and making it my own. Sometimes the prompts are more vague than others and I prefer them vague because it leaves a lot up to interpretation.

I love that tingling feeling I get when my brain is working out a way to expand on the prompt and make it into a full blog post and it’s also been interesting discovering that I actually have opinions/information on more things than I would’ve thought.

Have you found working from prompts to be a good way of exercising creativity?

Absolutely. I feel like I sometimes have hang ups about coming up with something that is totally unique and original, but I frankly work a lot better when there is a bit of structure. My main passion within writing is the words and creating vivid imagery, so having prompts allows for the spark of an idea that gets the words flowing, which is perfect for me.

Have any of the prompts/your responses inspired you? For further writing, perhaps?

I definitely think there were some prompts that could have been interpreted a different way or that could require further exploration as my knowledge base grows. For example, anything that inspired me to make lists (like advice to newbies or beating writers block) could always be expanded as well as the more discussion based ones (like indie vs. traditional or talent vs. luck).

What is your favourite entry so far and why?

I definitely liked the favorite fictional character (Charlotte the spider) as it was a walk down memory lane.

I also liked anything that challenged me or made me think which included the post about a must have writing book (I discovered I don’t believe in writing books), paper or laptop (which exposed a pet peeve I have) and traditional vs. indie (which got me to conglomerate all the information and ideas I have on the subject and get it out into the world).

Would you recommend the #wpad challenge to other writers/bloggers? Why?

I would definitely recommend this challenge to people who are interested in blogging because I think it is a great test of your mettle when it comes to blogging.

In order to build an audience via social media you have to keep active and this definitely got me moving. It was also a great way to get to know other writers/participants and get a boost of inspiration for the day.

Thank you so much for creating the #wpad challenge, I will definitely participate in the future!

You’re more than welcome!

Ways to connect with Star:

Twitter: @MusingStar

Star’s latest short film:

Star’s bio:

Star Happy Spider is a writer, video producer, philosopher and muse. She has written stories her entire life about her world travels, trials and tribulations and sometimes about anthropomorphized animals and super heroes. Star loves words, psychology, space, and breaking the fourth wall (in fiction) because it’s the closest thing she can imagine to enlightenment. She frequently ponders life, the universe and everything with her husband as they stroll on the beach by their home in Toronto, Canada.

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