Matt Knight has worked as a guitarist in the French Alps, is a seasoned lyricist, and is now venturing into screenwriting. In this short interview, Matt tells us about his writing aspirations and how he’s found the #wordsadayjan writing challenge so far…

Welcome, Matt!

What do you normally write (outside of the challenge)?

To date I have written the pilot for a comedy-drama and I am currently writing my first feature length film – a black comedy called ‘Meltdown’, set in Sheffield.

How long have you been writing?

Six months!

Wow! What made you decide to take part in the #wordsaday challenge?

I want to stretch myself, write in different styles and genres and become part of a writing community.

That’s a brilliant reason, and I think you’re definitely achieving those goals! So, has the #wordsaday challenge succeeded in inspiring you to try a different types of writing?

Yes it has, I have written some (very) short stories as part of the challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Have you found it easy, so far, to write something every day?

Most days have been fine, I tend to write quickly, and I have ideas when I’m at work that I write up later.

That’s great. Letting an idea mull over in your mind for a while is often a good way of developing it. In what ways has the process of working from a prompt challenged you?

It is a challenge because I have to be both creative and disciplined on a daily basis, which are two things that aren’t always closely intertwined in my experience. I feel that this is great experience for me as my goal is to become a professional screenwriter.

Have any of the prompts or challenge entries inspired you to do more writing, such as expanding on an idea in a longer format?

Yes, I have a couple of things I’m going to expand into outlines for short/feature films. The great thing about this challenge is that it forces my imagination to take me to previously uncharted places, largely because of the need to produce original ideas and my desire to vary my writing styles.

It sounds as though working from prompts is a good way of exercising creativity?

Absolutely – I love it! I particularly love seeing other people’s interpretations, which are inevitably always different to mine. The spectrum is simply dazzling.

What is your favourite entry so far and why?

My favourite entry so far has been the one I made for ‘waistcoat’. The basic premise is that a designer waistcoat gives the audience an intimate dose of social commentary as it narrates its way through the London fashion world. I feel the potential is there for further development.

I loved that one too! For the benefit of our readers, here it is…

Day 4. Waistcoat

‘Waistcoat’ – A Short Film Logline

A designer waistcoat provides entertaining narration as we see the London fashion world from its perspective, providing fly-on-the-wall social commentary.

Would you recommend the #wordsaday challenge to other writers? Why?

Yes, completely, because it’s relevant to beginners and seasoned pros alike. It’s fun, and it’s really about writing for the sake of writing, which is really liberating. It’s a great idea, long may it continue!

Thanks Michelle!

Thank you, Matt! I’ve loved reading through the entries and it’s so nice to see writers being inspired by the prompts. It makes all the hard work designing the challenge worthwhile!

Check out Matt’s blog over at: and check out all the entries using the #wordsadayjan hashtag on twitter.

Matt’s Biography

    I spent several years working as a guitarist in the French Alps, and I was involved in writing lyrics during that time. I have always had a love of comedy, and last summer I decided to start writing sketches with a friend of mine. I quickly realised that screen writing, and particularly comedy writing, is what I want to do with my life and have been pursuing it ever since.

    Looking back, I was heavily into creative writing when I was at primary school, so I’ve just had a quick 20 year break from it. Maybe I needed those 20 years to gather material by leading a life of debauchery, hedonism and foolhardiness. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! I could have started writing comedy when I was 11, but my material might have been quite limited. Mind you, I still find poo jokes funnier than my nephew, and he’s 2. I guess some things never change.

    I have a cigar ready for when I finish writing my first feature film, which will be the end of Feb hopefully. One of the scenes from it is being made into a self contained short animated film, due for completion in June. I am doing the voice overs, writing the soundtrack on my guitar and working with a very talented animator in Sheffield. Watch this space! (website coming very soon).


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