Interview with #loglinechallenge participant: screenwriter Christine Saville!

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What do you write?

I write TV Drama screenplays and have done a few radio sketches. I am currently working on a (PG) film script which I am hoping excites children but at the same time gives them reassurance, and parents guidance, when dealing with difficult issues, but with a subtle nudge.

I am pushing my boundaries but enjoying every minute of it.

How long have you been writing? Where did it all begin?

This may come as a surprise but I have only been writing for six months.

Not entirely true, for years I have started to write novels but never finished them. In hindsight, novels need commitment and time which I didn’t have, but I never tire from reading a good book. In January this year I was surfing the net and came across a website looking for scriptwriters. After reading the requirements I thought “I can do that”. And so it began.

What made you decide to take part in the #loglinechallenge?

In my quest to learn everything about screenwriting, I joined various internet groups and forums to help me through the process. I saw a link for #loglinechallenge and I do love a challenge so I thought why not?

If I can receive feedback good or bad from others then that is another part of the learning process but in a fun way.

Have you found it easy, so far, to come up with an idea/logline every day?

Absolutely not. Some are easier than others and those I wasn’t quite happy about, the ones I knew weren’t quite right but didn’t know how to correct, I posted anyway and waited for responses to guide me in the right direction.

In what ways has the process of working from a prompt challenged you?

You have to open every filing cabinet gathering dust in your brain to prompt a memory, meaning or situation you have ever experienced and come up with something that not only interests you but grabs the attention of others reading it.

Have you found working from prompts to be a good way of exercising creativity?

I have to say that working from a prompt is like being back in school, when teacher says “For homework I want an essay on….” Panic takes over and you do your very best to come up with something remotely resembling what the teacher is looking for.

That is where your creativity comes into its own.

Has the #loglinechallenge inspired you to embark on any new projects?

Back in January, when I first started taking my writing seriously, I had to reign myself in and say “STOP!” concentrate on what you are working on now. Needless to say my notebook was full then. It is now bursting at the seams.

Do you feel you’ve improved your logline-writing as a result of taking part?

As this was my first attempt at writing loglines the advice has helped enormously.

Has it improved? I believe it has made me think before I write something.

What is your favourite entry so far and why?

Many favourites I would like to write, but Day 14. ‘Cattery’ has to be my absolute favourite. How on earth can Disney/Pixar make a flea look loveable?

“An overworked group of fleas escape the circus in the hope of finding respite in a cattery only to find themselves jumping for their lives from the resident vet”

Would you recommend the #loglinechallenge to other writers? Why?

Writers of all genres would benefit from #loglinechallenge as a form of discipline, inspiration or sheer creative distraction from writer’s block.

  • Discipline: On this particular day I am going to spend so many hours writing at least one scene.
  • Inspiration: New ideas that take your characters to the end of your story.
  • Writer’s Block: The washing up can wait, grab yourself a coffee and the biscuit tin then write like there is no tomorrow.

  • Ways to connect with Christine:

    Twitter: @53rosehill

    Christine’s bio:

    I am a married Mum of three and Nanny of four which I feel are my greatest achievements. Academically, I have a Diploma in Social Policy and Criminology and twenty one letters after my name.

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