May it be wonderful, creative and prosperous! I’ll be working even harder to help Writesofluid clients and will be cracking on with my own writing work as well.

Why not kick off the year by being super creative and taking part in the #wordsaday writing challenge?

What is it?

#wordsaday is a monthly creative writing challenge where I provide a list of prompts from which you can take inspiration.

The concept is simple: Write something every day, be it a 6 word story, a six sentence story, a haiku, a poem, flash fiction, a short story or even a logline or a short script.

The aim is simple: Get people thinking creatively daily and being inspired by the words they produce as a result.

You needn’t stick to one genre – why not try a mixture? – and if you miss a few days (these things happen) catching up is allowed, but the challenge must be completed within the given month (it wouldn’t be a contained challenge, otherwise)!

Here’s the #wordsadayjan list!

Find out more about how to take part (including links to articles on the different types of writing you could try) on the #wordsaday page.

Share your work!

Do comment on the blog or the #wordsaday page if you’d like to take part, along with your blog address (or wherever you’re recording your entries), so that work can be shared. I’d love to highlight participants’ blogs/websites and publish inspiring entries here on this blog, too. Don’t forget the hashtag #wordsadayjan to share your work/links to work on twitter!

Will YOU be taking part?


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