Turnaround times can be from 1-6 weeks depending on the type and amount of work. Usually, it’s ‘within 1-3 weeks’ for script reports and basic proofreading/editing, and 4-6 weeks for novel reports and more complex editing. When you contact me to book in, I’ll give a more specific estimate.

    Payment and documents must be sent before work can begin. Payment is by bank transfer (preferred if you are in the UK) or via PayPal, for which a transaction fee of 7% is added. Once we’ve agreed to book you in, I’ll either send you an invoice (PDF) with the payment details for bank transfer, or a PayPal payment request for the total amount (including the fee).

    PDF is perfect for reading and proofreading/editing via highlighting and commenting functions. Word processor files are fine for prose if you would prefer the highlight and comment functions in those. For direct editing, I will need the original script file (it is recommended that you send a copy and keep the original).

    I can import: Fade In (.fadein), Final Draft (.fdx), Celtx (.celtx), PDF script

    I can export: Fade In (.fadein ), Final Draft (.fdx), PDF script

    For an affordable option, I would suggest either Fade In on your computer (one low price covers all future upgrades), or Final Draft on your iPad (app is cheap and nicely functional).