I often get asked how to bind a script. I even asked the same question myself here on this very blog when I first started out. Said blog entry gets a lot of hits, but doesn’t necessarily “hit” the spot information-wise, so I thought it was about time I wrote […]

How do you bind a script?

This last month I have been taking part in the #marchphotoaday challenge, brought to us all by the lovely Chantelle over at the Fat Mum Slim blog. Following a series of daily prompts, I took photos using my mobile phone or my camera. Sometimes I took the prompt literally and other times […]


I bought a Kindle recently and it has transformed how I work and how I read. If you follow me on twitter you will have heard about my delight at finally owning one and how I have been enjoying reading scripts on it for my script reading work as well […]

Reading screenplays on the Kindle

This weekend just gone I attended the London Screenwriter’s Festival. In fact, it started a week today – how time flies! Here’s a pic of me right at the end of the festival looking surprisingly fresh-faced despite feeling very tired indeed! Pic taken by the multi-talented Leilani Holmes Writing, script […]

London Screenwriter’s Festival

The London Screenwriter’s Festival 2011 is fast approaching (where has the time gone?!) and I am delighted to be a part of the Literary Department again this year as a script reader. We have a fantastic writing challenge for you this year and some AMAZING prizes… Fancy winning TICKETS to the London Screenwriter’s Festival? How […]

WIN tickets to the London Screenwriter’s Festival!

I love script reading. I love reading scripts, analysing scripts, writing script reports. But more than anything? I love helping people. I love nothing more than to help writers develop and improve their work. I love to encourage writers whilst being honest and constructive. It’s not always easy – but […]

On being a script reader

Technology can be so distracting, right? Yet it can also be fabulous. In this contradictory style I bring you this blog entry direct from my mobile phone! It’s pretty difficult these days to avoid the distractions of mobile phones, apps, websites and that deadly social media! Especially if you’re like […]

Good old pen and paper…

This awesome Waldo Pancake now a major motion picture notebook is the perfect place for scribbling down novel or screenplay ideas. With plain paper on the left hand sides and lined on the right, this Waldo Pancake notebook is great for drawing pictures as well as writing words. On the […]

The ULTIMATE script writer’s notebook…

So Marchlands concluded on Thursday with a resolved ending. Not the ending I had predicted, but satisfying nonetheless. However, not all viewers agreed. The problem we have these days is expecting huge shocks and twists. I must admit, I’d plotted the outcome in a similar vein – my theory was […]

Marchlands: What did you think?

One of my favourite programmes on television at the moment is Marchlands: a serial drama on ITV. It’s a multi-layered ghost story charting the history of a house (Marchlands) and its inhabitants over three different time periods. A little girl, Alice, died in a nearby river in the 60s and […]

On the box: Marchlands

This morning I watched The Jane Austen Book Club, one of the films sent to me through the Tesco DVD rental service. I recently reviewed my list on there and updated it to include many of the films talked about in Linda Aronson’s The 21st Century Screenplay: A comprehensive guide […]

The Jane Austen Book Club

A little rant: “When did we become so unreliable as an audience that we couldn’t be trusted to watch next week’s episode without a taster, before and sometimes over the final credits, of what’s going to unfold? Or is it more to do with the programme-makers’ lack of confidence in […]

Bloody TV Trailers!