I love free courses, and with University open learning portals and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) taking off in recent years, we are spoilt for choice! Here are my favourites… SKILLSHARE Skillshare is a subscription-based learning site which I feel offers great value for money if you have many interests […]


Screenwriting Goldmine Awards is a really popular competition, and rightly so! The chance to have your script read by nearly 35 senior British TV industry people is simply fantastic. Phil Gladwin is here on the blog this week to give us a few tips on the sorts of things that […]


Aaron Mendelsohn is a working screenwriter, professor of screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, and an elected officer and lifetime member of the Writers Guild of America West. He currently has a feature film, a drama series and an MOW – a rare trifecta – in development at major studios and […]

EBOOK REVIEW: The 11 Fundamental Questions (Guide to a Better Screenplay) + GIVEAWAY COPY!

Say what?! An actual multi-part online show all about screenwriting? Coooool! I don’t know about you, but this is something I’m pretty excited about! Rick – writer of THE PROPOSITION (2008), STIGMATA (2009) and TV series’ HAUNTED and PEACEMAKERS – created this show because he wanted to prove to others […]

Interview: STIGMATA screenwriter Rick Ramage tells us about his new online screenwriting show – part #1

In this day and age, with the wondrous tool that is the Internet, it’s even easier to teach yourself everything you need to know to become a successful writer. Many aspiring writers feel they need to take University courses – which can indeed be very worthwhile and helpful, particularly with […]

13 Ways To Get A Writing Education For Free!

Last week we chatted about ways to work towards becoming a freelance script reader. Great! But how do you become a freelance script reader and how do you make it a success? NETWORK – always. Make friends and contacts at events and online. Be there for them and they’ll be […]

10 top tips to be a successful freelance script reader (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

My script reading colleagues and I get asked “how do I become a script reader?” a lot. There’s no particular rules as to how to go about it, and answers will vary from reader to reader depending upon their personal experiences. However, there are still universal tips that can help […]

How do I become a script reader? 10 tips for breaking into scriptreading (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

It’s that time of the month again when a new #loglinechallenge is set! Here are the prompts! Taking part is simple… Use the prompts to inspire story ideas and write them as loglines! Great way to practice writing concise loglines with which to pitch your ideas, come up with a […]

#loglinechallenge! Come up with loads of new story ideas and practice your logline writing – only takes a few minutes ...

Fancy a challenge? Want bundles of new story ideas, or great content for your blog? Look no further… Check out August’s #loglinechallenge prompts here for a series of story idea prompts throughout August. Each day, use the prompt to inspire a story idea and work it into a logline. Get […]

August’s #loglinechallenge and #wpad blog challenge start tomorrow! Join in and be inspired!