Woop woop! We’re in good company, too. Check out the awesome list HERE. The blogs are ranked based on various criteria, including Google reputation and search ranking, social media reach/popularity, quality of content and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review. Here’s hoping we can continue to remain on this list among […]

Writesofluid is listed in the top 50 screenwriting blogs on the planet!

So the weekend before last saw the hugely successful Breaking Into Script Reading class by Lucy V Hay, which generated over 1000 tweets using the hashtag #bang2write. Read on to see these tweets in a Storify thread! Why did you need to go to a script reading course, when you […]

1000 tips about script reading!

So, the biggest screenwriting event of the year just happened! For many of us screenwriters and development/production professionals, it’s an event we highlight in our calendars, anticipate and then appreciate post-event for the energy and inspiration it gives us to keep working towards achieving our dreams and goals. This year […]

London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013: Day 1!

Here are July’s #loglinechallenge prompts: The #loglinechallenge, is designed to inspire writers to create new story ideas, to help improve logline-writing and to encourage mutual support and feedback amongst peers. Why not join our Facebook group? I love to support participants by featuring them here on the Writesofluid blog. Check […]

July’s #loglinechallenge prompts: Want loads of new story ideas? Logline practice? Take part!

Here are July’s #wpad writers’ blog challenge prompts: The #wpad challenge, like the #loglinechallenge, is designed to inspire writers/bloggers and to encourage mutual support and feedback. I love to support participants by featuring them here on the Writesofluid blog. Check out some of the previous challenge interviewees… #wpad interviews: Interview […]

July’s #wpad blog challenge prompts: Want blog content? More followers? Take part!