We all know that a good pilot script is important to set up a series… But what about a pilot series as a basis for an ongoing show? Fact is, if you want your show to run longer than one season, you need to create not only a compelling story […]

​What Makes a Great Pilot Series? 7 Tips for Creating a Good Pilot Season!

Mistakes happen. Spelling errors. Structural snafus. Out-of-character actions. Dialogue that sounds like a kindergartener may have written it. Writers aren’t machines, we’re humans. And to err is human. No one is perfect, least of all writers (what with our neuroses, crippling self doubt, and tendency to overthink everything). So why […]

GUEST POST: How to deal with mistakes as a writer, by Jamie Jensen

In this issue of What The Dickens? Magazine, which will be the last (for now – the website will become the magazine for a while), Curious About Screenwriting looks at character journeys – inner and outer – and ways you can approach the creation and writing of your “hero”. The […]

What makes a hero?

Today I dug out some beautiful and unused Derwent pencils from my neglected art drawer. Since graduating in 2007 I haven’t really done any drawing (especially since discovering screenwriting) so it was quite daunting to approach the blank page. I’ve been working on a story with a characterful version of […]

Trying new things: Illustration