Today I’d like to share with you a simple concept that can really help you see your characters and plot differently and ultimately add valuable depth to them. MOTIVATIONS BEHIND MOTIVATIONS We’re all clear about motivations – characters gotta have them so that their actions are justified or at least […]

How to add depth to your characters and plot using layers: motivations behind motivations

Last week we chatted about ways to work towards becoming a freelance script reader. Great! But how do you become a freelance script reader and how do you make it a success? NETWORK – always. Make friends and contacts at events and online. Be there for them and they’ll be […]

10 top tips to be a successful freelance script reader (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

My script reading colleagues and I get asked “how do I become a script reader?” a lot. There’s no particular rules as to how to go about it, and answers will vary from reader to reader depending upon their personal experiences. However, there are still universal tips that can help […]

How do I become a script reader? 10 tips for breaking into scriptreading (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

As a script reader I write a lot of reports. Naturally, the script notes/observations I make will be unique to the writer and their story, making it hard to give in-depth advice in a blog post, but there are definitely some common notes that appear time and time again in […]

9 COMMON SCRIPT NOTES & HOW TO TACKLE THEM (plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!)

When I made my first film, THE CYCLIST, I made mistakes every step of the way, thus providing myself with valuable learning opportunities. The one aspect I would change that would have improved the film from start to finish, from casting to distribution, is the script. I knew the script […]

6 screenwriting lessons I wish I understood before making my first film THE CYCLIST – guest post by filmmaker John ...

In the spring of 2011, myself and Ulrich Wehner (Co-Producer) had just wrapped on a shoot, another in a long line of productions. After producing a few of our own short films and working with other filmmakers in-between we discussed taking the leap; making that first feature film. The opportunity […]

Six ways writers and filmmakers can make scripts ideal for guerilla filmmaking – guest post by Michael O’Connor

So the weekend before last saw the hugely successful Breaking Into Script Reading class by Lucy V Hay, which generated over 1000 tweets using the hashtag #bang2write. Read on to see these tweets in a Storify thread! Why did you need to go to a script reading course, when you […]

1000 tips about script reading!

You know you can rely on Kay Mellor for a comfort-watching feel-good feast, and her latest offering In The Club certainly didn’t disappoint. Much like Sally Wainwright, Kay has this wonderful ability to weave a multi-protagonist story across a series and still leave us wanting more. “I’ve always wanted to […]

What writers can learn from In The Club’s series finale… Plus London Screenwriters’ Festival DISCOUNT!

“If you try to assuage me because ‘It’s like The Chronicles of Narnia!’, I’ll tell you: a) Write a beloved international bestseller, b) Sell the rights to the movies. Then I’ll buy YOU lunch.” Blake Snyder The late Blake Snyder, a wonderful screenwriter and coach, gave this nugget of wisdom […]

A cinematic approach for novelists; a novel approach for screenwriters ∣ #scriptchat #amwriting

Mistakes happen. Spelling errors. Structural snafus. Out-of-character actions. Dialogue that sounds like a kindergartener may have written it. Writers aren’t machines, we’re humans. And to err is human. No one is perfect, least of all writers (what with our neuroses, crippling self doubt, and tendency to overthink everything). So why […]

GUEST POST: How to deal with mistakes as a writer, by Jamie Jensen