Here are some testimonials for my script reading, writing and editorial work:

“Michelle’s a great script analyst, and a stellar person to work with. Prompt, professional, amazingly detailed. And honest beyond cognition. (We’ve accidentally overpaid her several times and she’s brought it to our attention each time). She’s a paragon and a pro.”

– Screenplayreaders

“Michelle has given us excellent script feedback from hundreds of submitted screenplays. She is diligent, fast and above all, always happy to help. I recommend her 100%. In all honesty, we would have run into real problems if she were not one of our team.”

– Chris Jones, London Screenwriter’s Festival

“Michelle is a hard working and fastidious individual who always meets deadlines and in a very professional manner.”

– Tyrone D. Murphy, Universal Film Magazine owner

“Michelle is an excellent judge of good screenwriting who can quickly identify what is working and what is not. Michelle was an indispensable judge in our competition.”

– Julie Gray, script consultant, Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition

“Thanks so much for being a part of [The Nevada Film Office Screenwriting Contest]! Your notes ROCK!”

– Danette Tull, contest coordinator

“Michelle has a great understanding of character and appreciates how important it is to empathise with, rather than “like” them; she reports without prejudice and doesn’t allow personal preferences to influence her thoughts on how the story and craft works in a screenplay – a most underrated, but very important, quality in a script reader.”

– Lucy V Hay, script editor

“Michelle was a Girls On Film reader for a LondonSWF initiative of the same name in Feb – Apr 2012. As ever, Michelle proved herself capable of following the brief set well (in this case feature scripts with a female protagonist and/or antagonist at the helm) and was efficient and pleasant to deal with, both an autonomous and team player. This was particularly valuable to me at the time as it was a period of illness for me and she really stepped into the breach, which was really appreciated. As ever, I recommend Michelle in the strongest possible terms.”

– Lucy V Hay, Girls On Film organiser

“Michelle is a committed and meticulous script reader, with a strong appreciation for character. She’s able to pinpoint difficult themes which others might struggle to articulate. Her turnarounds are excellent and she’s able to cope with the large volumes of work in a short space time contests demand. She’s able with short film, features or TV pilots and has an affinity with genre pieces such as science fiction, comedy or thriller. She always delivers when she says she will and I know I can always count on her, making her a natural choice to work with on LSF script contests. I never hesitate to recommend her to Bang2writers in addition to, or instead of my services when I am unable to read for any reason.”

– Lucy V Hay, head of London Screenwriter’s Festival’s literary department

“Michelle is a great addition to the team and writes with focus, clarity and clear structure, and her articles are motivational, practical and useful for so many.”

– Sandy East, What The Dickens magazine editor

“I employed Michelle as a Script Editor for a short film script “Hangman”. She did a great job and improved the script immensely. I would happily employ Michelle again.”

James Atkins, screenwriter/producer/director

“I’ve worked with Michelle a number of times when I need some new ideas but also need to move a project forward – fast!” 

– Tim Clague, Bafta-nominated scriptwriter and writer/director/producer of the Mr Vista web series

“Michelle wrote several scripts for my comedy web series Mr Vista. It was clear that she understood the style of the series and the characters straight away. Where we had to ask for rewrites (around budget issues) her rewrites were fast, effective and delivered back almost instantly.”

Tim Clague, Bafta-nominated scriptwriter and writer/director/producer of the Mr Vista web series

“Michelle has a natural flair for generating great character-based comedy, and contributed some well written, funny sketches towards the show. Michelle is a fast, hard-working writer who responds well to feedback and is very easy to work with.”

Scott Payne, producer of nerve FM’s The Unprofessionals

“I was blown away by how many project ideas Michelle has. A very dedicated young lady! And her ideas show such sensitivity, emotion and a sense of dramatic potential in ordinary human stories. I feel sure she will move audiences and have them thinking and discussing for long after they’ve seen her work. ”

Penny Noble, screenwriter