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Screenwriting Goldmine Awards is a really popular competition, and rightly so! The chance to have your script read by nearly 35 senior British TV industry people is simply fantastic. Phil Gladwin is here on the blog this week to give us a few tips on the sorts of things that […]


Woop woop! We’re in good company, too. Check out the awesome list HERE. The blogs are ranked based on various criteria, including Google reputation and search ranking, social media reach/popularity, quality of content and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review. Here’s hoping we can continue to remain on this list among […]

Writesofluid is listed in the top 50 screenwriting blogs on the planet!

Want to do well in script competitions and when submitting to coverage companies or production companies? First up, you gotta get through the gatekeepers. So what do script readers look for in a script, and what criteria do they have to judge by? I’ve read for a lot of competitions […]


Aaron Mendelsohn is a working screenwriter, professor of screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, and an elected officer and lifetime member of the Writers Guild of America West. He currently has a feature film, a drama series and an MOW – a rare trifecta – in development at major studios and […]

EBOOK REVIEW: The 11 Fundamental Questions (Guide to a Better Screenplay) + GIVEAWAY COPY!

This weekend just gone was another fantastic weekend full of screenwriting goodness delivered in bite-sized sessions – London Screenwriters’ Festival of course! As always, I was there to try and live tweet as much as I could for all of you who couldn’t make it. Below, you’ll find a Storify […]


Liam’s been working on writing an animation script for a company in recent months, so I asked him if he had some tips for us – and he kindly agreed to write a guest blog post for us! So, without further ado, here’s 4 things that Liam has learned on […]


When I saw that this book was coming out, I was excited – who DOESN’T want to create an awesome elevator pitch like “JAWS IN SPACE” and sell their ideas in the best ways possible? Plus, pitching’s one of those scary things that you fear – unless you learn about […]

Book review: JAWS IN SPACE – Powerful Pitching for Film and TV Screenwriters by Charles Harris

Following on from last week’s blog entry – 6 GREAT REASONS TO WRITE FOR RADIO – I thought I’d look at some great ways to write great radio scripts! The BBC offer downloadable guidelines for submissions which, over the years, have reiterated certain tips. I’ll be highlighting some of them […]


Today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome my filmmaker friend J.K. Amalou to share with us his tips on writing successful microbudget movies! Take it away, J.K.! Writing a microbudget film is a great way to show off your skills and invest yourself fully in the production of your […]

9 TIPS ON NAILING MICROBUDGET MOVIES by Hard Men writer/director J.K. Amalou

Rick – writer of THE PROPOSITION (2008), STIGMATA (2009) and TV series’ HAUNTED and PEACEMAKERS – created THE SCREENPLAY SHOW because he wanted to prove to others that if he could do it, they could too. In the promo video (see end of post), Rick says himself that this won’t […]

Interview: STIGMATA screenwriter Rick Ramage tells us about his new online screenwriting show – part #2

Say what?! An actual multi-part online show all about screenwriting? Coooool! I don’t know about you, but this is something I’m pretty excited about! Rick – writer of THE PROPOSITION (2008), STIGMATA (2009) and TV series’ HAUNTED and PEACEMAKERS – created this show because he wanted to prove to others […]

Interview: STIGMATA screenwriter Rick Ramage tells us about his new online screenwriting show – part #1

WHY MUST WE BE CLUED UP? So you don’t get PITCH SLAPPED! Christopher Boone of spent months writing a comedy spec script only to see a trailer for PITCH PERFECT on a news site which was exactly the same story he’d written! Christopher was an absolute trooper about it, […]

8 great ways to be on top of your spec script game!

In this day and age, with the wondrous tool that is the Internet, it’s even easier to teach yourself everything you need to know to become a successful writer. Many aspiring writers feel they need to take University courses – which can indeed be very worthwhile and helpful, particularly with […]

13 Ways To Get A Writing Education For Free!

So what is exposition? Sometimes it’s described as “on the nose”; dialogue can be on the nose if it reveals information for the audience’s knowledge. Sometimes it’s overly explanatory of back story, characters’ feelings or character personality traits.  Same goes for action descriptions, which can be expositional if they speak […]

17 top tips for avoiding exposition!

I was thrilled when I spotted a new Creative Essentials title by Kamera Books on the topic of script editing; something that always intrigues me given its close connection to script reading/consultancy. I picked it up at the London Sreenwriters’ Festival (use my special discount code: SOFLUID-16X to get a […]

Book review: The Art of Script Editing by Karol Griffiths

You’ve got your script written – phew! You’re pretty happy with the story and structure and characters and so forth – yeah! But what about the script’s CRAFT? Is your written STYLE coming across well? Is your script a SMOOTH and ENTERTAINING read? Is there anything that will ANNOY or […]

10 common style editing notes and how to fix them!

Today I’d like to share with you a simple concept that can really help you see your characters and plot differently and ultimately add valuable depth to them. MOTIVATIONS BEHIND MOTIVATIONS We’re all clear about motivations – characters gotta have them so that their actions are justified or at least […]

How to add depth to your characters and plot using layers: motivations behind motivations