Like and share:Follow">Two years ago I attended the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass, 2013, and it opened up an amazing bank of knowledge to me as a script reader. Not only could I understand scripts from a story analysis perspective, but I could now analyse just how effective a script would […]

5 great reasons why the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass is worth every penny

Like and share:Follow">So the weekend before last saw the hugely successful Breaking Into Script Reading class by Lucy V Hay, which generated over 1000 tweets using the hashtag #bang2write. Read on to see these tweets in a Storify thread! Why did you need to go to a script reading […]

1000 tips about script reading!

Like and share:Follow">It’s that time of the month again when a new #loglinechallenge is set! Here are the prompts! Taking part is simple… Use the prompts to inspire story ideas and write them as loglines! Great way to practice writing concise loglines with which to pitch your ideas, come […]

June’s #loglinechallenge prompts – monthly writing challenge!

Like and share:Follow">It’s time for CHOCOLATE… Ahem! I mean, April’s #loglinechallenge! The Facebook group is also now private, so you needn’t worry about all your Facebook contacts seeing your fun logline entries. This just makes it nicer because you can feel at ease participating in the group or asking […]

Easy way to come up with a bunch of story ideas… April’s #loglinechallenge!

Like and share:Follow"> I love relaxing with a good book, just as much as I love watching films. Naturally, I read a fair bit of non-fiction to expand my industry knowledge; the reviews of which I post here on Writesofluid. But what do I read in my spare time, […]

What am I reading?

Like and share:Follow"> I was really excited when Carolyn Goodyear, to whom I’ve given feedback on some short scripts, contacted me to share her wonderful news – that she’s been longlisted in the Reed short film competition with her entry ‘Sesquipedaliainst’! So I found out more… Carolyn, welcome to […]

Interview with a Reed short film competition longlist contender!

Like and share:Follow">I often help writers enrich their scripts; thinking about ways they can make their action descriptions more interesting and dynamic. It’s one of those tricky areas – you want it to be engaging and help the reader enjoy progressing through your story, but at the same time […]

How can we bring colour into our scripts?

Like and share:Follow"> Know what a sorocom, gerontocom and oddcom is? Know how ID, ego, superego, projection, denial, idealisation, displacement, regression, rationalism and intellectualism affect romcoms? Know how to use aspirations, interventions and lessons to enhance your romcom plots? No? Then you need this excellent addition to the Creative […]

Book Review: Writing & Selling Romantic Comedy Screenplays by Helen Jacey & Craig Batty

Like and share:Follow">When Doug King approached me with his book on writing strong loglines, I was really pleased to have the opportunity to review it because – as you all know, I run the #loglinechallenge so am always glad to read about – and share advice on – loglines. […]

Book Review: The Long and Short on Writing Strong Loglines

Filming in beautiful Cornwall...
Like and share:Follow"> Writing your first low budget feature? Wondering what the producer actually does? And why the hell they’re trying to butcher your script? In June 2014, screenwriter Tom Kerevan produced his first feature film, Tear Me Apart. Here he talks about his early beliefs about producers, and […]

6 myths about the role of a producer debunked! by Cannibal Films’ Tom Kerevan

Like and share:Follow"> I couldn’t wait to read this book, so much so that I bought it on the first day at London Screenwriters’ Festival, took it home and then failed to bring it back for Lucy’s book signing. DOH! But seriously, I love drama screenplays. Drama is what […]

Book review: Writing and Selling Drama Screenplays by Lucy V. Hay

Like and share:Follow">This is a question that me and my fellow script readery colleagues get asked a lot. It’s one that I found myself answering several times at London Screenwriters’ Festival. So what is the answer? It’d be easy to say format and style. It is an issue that […]

What’s the most common mistake made in the first few pages of a script?